In My Blue Period: Trying Out Wolfen NC 500

We had a nice partly cloudy day, then an ice storm here in Oregon last week. What a nice time to shoot a roll of color negative film I have never shot before.

“At the core of our new colour film lies a unique chemical formula based on the wonderful and legendary Agfa stock last used in the Oscar winning film ‘Out of Africa’. Famous for their greens, desaturated shadows and enhanced grains, these are all aspects that we are embracing for our new addition. With WOLFEN NC500, we are not trying to imitate current stocks available on the market, we are creating an alternative, something with different characteristics and a different palette.”


I did shoot a roll of the NC 400, but when I posted that article, I did a bit of color correction in the final images. With this roll, I wanted to just show a very neutral processing so we could see what the color looks like.

This film has a pronounced grain, it’s pretty nice though. When the sun came out, the images were a bit warm, but the overcast days in the snow and ice, the images went very blue. I have to say, I really like the color palette. The film is not like any other film.

When I scanned my negs, I just sampled the base color and didn’t do any extra color correction. This gave me a good look at the film’s color.

These were shot using a Nikon F100 and AF-Nikkor Micro 100mm F2.8D.

How I process and scan my film:

I have my color film processed at my local lab. I scan my film using a Sony A7 II on a copy-stand. I use a Rodenstock 50mm APO enlarging lens using an M42 helical adapter attached using an M39-M42 adapter. The other end of the helical is attached to the Sony with an M42 – Sony adapter. I have the Valoi 35mm film holder on a Cinestill light source.

I convert my film using Darktable with their built-in film conversion module. There’s not a lot of automatic features, but adjustments are as granular as you like.

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