Treefort Music Festival

As a Photographer at Treefort

I spent five days in Boise Idaho photographing live music at the Treefort Music Fest. This is what I learned  Read more….

A 5 Day Treefort Adventure

Happy Treefort This was my second Treefort, I’m glad I was able to attend this year. I’ll try to breakdown  Read more….

Time to Rally for Day 5 of Treefort

I’m a little tired and maybe a bit burnt out. I managed to still catch some great bands though. Navigating  Read more….

I Slowed Down for Day 4

Day 4 was nice and easy and I didn’t huff around town as I had in the first three days.  Read more….

Rainy Day at Treefort, Day 3

Let the rain come. The music still won’t stop. Another day here in the musical wild west. There is so  Read more….

Day 2 at Treefort: I Also Went to a Play!

On Thursday: Travis, Berg, Nathan, and I went to a brilliant play at the Boise Contemporary Theater called “There’s Chinese  Read more….

Treefort 2017 Day 1

Day one was a pretty good start. I only caught a few bands, but it was still a fantastic start.  Read more….

Treefort Music Festival 2015

I got a call from Berg of And And And and he informed we were going to Treefort in Boise  Read more….

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