Film Photography

3 Rolls of Fomapan and 8 Hours in Portland

I enjoy photowalking the big city of Portland, Ore. Read More …

My Affection for the EOS 10s

I bought my 10s in 2008 off of a girl from Craiglist for $100. I wanted this camera when it  Read more….

Nikon N8008, Fantastic and Unremarkable

Nikon N8008 w Nikkor AI 50mm 1:1.4

Nikon N8008. a fantastic camera that is not exactly an exciting camera, but it checks a lot of boxes for me. Read More …

My Thoughts on the Canon FL 35mm 1:2.5

A few months back I discovered this lens at my local camera store. This is a beautiful lens. This is  Read more….

Shooting With a Konica Autoreflex TC

As usual, my reviews are not technical. I describe what I like and what I don’t like. This camera was  Read more….

One Day with a Yashica T-AF

This is an interesting camera indeed. It has a couple of foibles, but nothing that would keep you from carrying  Read more….


I love vintage Kodak cameras. These Kodak TLR-ish cameras are essentially lo-fi toy cameras by today’s standards. However, I would  Read more….

My Soon-To-Be Long Term Relationship with the Nikon FM2n

The FM2 is a beautiful, fully mechanical, 35mm film SLR that any photographer would love to own. The Nikon FM2 is an  Read more….

June 1972

I managed to get my hands on a couple of rolls of expired film. I found a roll of Kodak  Read more….

Taking a Look Back: Skateboarding With the Boys April 2005

This gallery here is from April 2005 in Lafayette, Colorado. My friend Longboard Ric was working with a group of young skateboarders (groms) and I went along for the ride. Read More …

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