Eugene Grid Project

Grid E1

Grid E1 August 2023 I took several months off from shooting the grid. It’s good to be back. As you  Read more….

Grid E6

Grid E6September–October 2022 This was a fun grid in the south – east part of Eugene. Plenty of parks and  Read more….

Grid E4

Grid E4April–May 2022 Finally a grid in my neighborhood. I live close to the middle of this grid. It was  Read more….

Grid C6

Grid C6 February 2022 This neighborhood is north east of where I live. The area is mostly residential, but there  Read more….

Grid B2

Grid B2 January 2022 I did not have to spend much time in the grid. I found a park tucked  Read more….

Grid D6

D6 December 2021 This grid square is just north and east of me. This square is mostly residential. Tons of  Read more….

Grid E3

E3 November 2021 This month’s grid is close to my place, so I know the area pretty well. West 11th  Read more….

Grid E7

This was a pretty good grid in Springfield, Oregon with a lot of variation in scenery. The Willamette River runs right through the grid, and generally makes for a good backdrop. Read More …

Grid D7

This month Blake and I took a trip out to D7. We had a fun time. We traveled around a  Read more….

Grid D3

D3 July 2021 This months grid is in the north side of Eugene. It’s slightly industrial. I photographed along Highway  Read more….

Grid C1

The Eugene Grid Project I’m late to the game on this photo project. Janet from Dot Dotson’s turned me on  Read more….

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