I Shot a Roll of Wolfen NC 400

You really can’t judge a film line from just one roll of film, so let’s give it a try.

I managed to get a roll from from Dot Dotson’s and I loaded it into my Nikon F100 where it mostly sat for two weeks. I shot half the roll around Eugene where it has been mostly overcast and then I finished the roll in Portland where it was mostly sunny.

The one thing I noticed about the film, the first few frames had some light leaks, I don’t believe that is from my camera. I think it may be a byproduct of the cheap plastic canister.

All in all, I like the film and the graininess of it. The color is palette is interesting, but this may be just how this ORWO film is. I dig it.

Here is what I got.

The color is a little soft, and it’s not the sharpest film. It’s not horrible though. Depending on how you meter, how you shoot, and lighting conditions, you may get different results.

How I process and scan my film:

I have my color film processed at my local lab. I scan my film using a Sony A7 II on a copy-stand. I use a Rodenstock 50mm APO enlarging lens using an M42 helical adapter attached using an M39-M42 adapter. The other end of the helical is attached to the Sony with an M42 – Sony adapter. I have the Valoi 35mm film holder on a Cinestill light source.

I convert my film using Darktable with their built-in film conversion module. There’s not a lot of automatic features, but adjustments are as granular as you like.

Final thoughts: I like this film, It’s very different from I would recommend this film for anybody that likes to experiment. Probably not a film I would use for portraits, but great for most anything else.

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