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The Holga is a Great Camera to Have in Your Bag

I think photography has gotten too easy. I don’t know if that’s actually a bad thing. Sometimes we just have  Read more….

I Said Goodbye to Adobe

I’ve spent the last week working in Linux Mint – Debian Edition on my main desktop computer for image editing. It’s going swimmingly . Read More …

Photowalking and Social Distancing

What a time to be a street photographer. I’m sitting at home right now writing this post and watching YouTube  Read more….

In My Thirty-Five Millimeter Period

For the last several months, I’ve been a 35mm focal length kick. I’ve always loved the 50mm and the 28mm  Read more….

Photographing The Breaking

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with Portland, Ore. based alternative rock band called The  Read more….

2019 Was For The Birds

Turns out that I photograph birds quite often. However, it also turns out that I take a lot of boring  Read more….

Debate Between Manual and Automatic Cameras

This is post is not about film vs. digital for learning. This is going to be about something far more  Read more….

3 Vintage 50mm f1.4 Lenses to Mount to a Sony Mirrorless Camera

They tell every new photographer that a 50mm lens should be their second lens after the kit lens that came  Read more….

Vivitar 28mm f2.8 vs. Pentax SMC 28mm f3.5

The 28mm lens seems to have lost a lot of its thunder to the 24mm. This is a handy wide-angle  Read more….

Taking a Look Back: Skateboarding With the Boys April 2005

This gallery here is from April 2005 in Lafayette, Colorado. My friend Longboard Ric was working with a group of young skateboarders (groms) and I went along for the ride. Read More …

Only One Lens?

Photographers rarely carry just one lens, and the 50mm lens can’t get you out of every jam. Inspired by a  Read more….

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