Welcome to my photography blog. I dedicate most of the articles here to vintage cameras and lenses. I shoot a lot of different came. One of my favorite past-times is shooting vintage lenses adapted to my Fujifilm and Sony cameras. I’ve never given up on Canon DSLRs either.


I primarily photograph people. I enjoy shooting musicians on and off stage. I do portraits on and off location. I also shoot nature as well as street photography. I love the process of shooting film. It depends on the assignment weather I shoot film or digital or even both. My goal is to create the image so the viewer doesn’t even wonder if I shot it on film or with digital capture. I just need to create beautiful images.

Portfolio: thomaschamberlain.com


I was sixteen when a friend gave me a Yashica FX3 35mm SLR, preloaded with a roll of Kodak Gold 100 film. I didn’t know how that thing worked, how the meter worked, or even just how to wind the film. I fumbled through that first roll of film, I took it to the drug store to be processed. The images were terribly over and under exposed. I was hooked, and I could hardly wait to get the second roll of film into the camera. I’ve heard so many photographers tell that same story. It’s how we all began. Like so many others, I was introduced to the something special with the help and generosity of other photographers.

I went off the Art School and really enjoyed my time there, my instructors were top notch. The technical knowledge and experience I gained in art school has served me well, but my real artistic side has taken years to develop. My photographic pursuits keep me chasing many types of classic cameras and alternative photography. This has become a very large part of my photographic life. Pinhole, large and medium formats, Polaroid, plastic and toy cameras, are important tools for me to get the image I want. Film photography is still a prominent part of my photographic style. I don’t let my camera define my style, my experience does that.

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