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Nikon’s 43–86mm f3.5 lens

In 1963 Nikon released what would now be considered an odd 43-86mm lens Read More …

Yashica-A, My First Two Rolls

I have always appreciated square format. I have always loved twin lens cameras. When photographers think TLR, Rolleiflex immediately comes  Read more….

Thoughts on Shooting the Pentax Spotmatic F

My friend Paul that past away almost ten years ago and he left me this Pentax Spotmatic F. I was  Read more….

3 Rolls of Fomapan and 8 Hours in Portland

I enjoy photowalking the big city of Portland, Ore. Read More …

My Affection for the EOS 10s

I bought my 10s in 2008 off of a girl from Craiglist for $100. I wanted this camera when it  Read more….

I Bought a Zeiss Ikon Contina 1a

The moment I held this camera in my hands, I fell in love with it. Zeiss Ikon cameras were very  Read more….

I Shot A Roll of Expired PhotoWorks 400 Film

I like shooting expired film. There is something fun about not knowing what’s going to come out of the camera.  Read more….

Nikon N8008, Fantastic and Unremarkable

Nikon N8008 w Nikkor AI 50mm 1:1.4

Nikon N8008. a fantastic camera that is not exactly an exciting camera, but it checks a lot of boxes for me. Read More …

I Love the EF 40mm STM

The Canon EF 40mm STM is a great little lens and it won’t bruise your wallet. Read More …

Pentax PC35AF-M: I Found Another Solid Point and Shoot Camera

I have a soft spot for fixed-lens (non-zoom) point and shoot cameras. I really like point and shoot cameras in  Read more….

200 Millimeters of Nikkor

Nikkor-Q C vs. Nikkor AI Not which is better, but which is better for me. A few months back, I  Read more….

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