Nikon’s 43–86mm f3.5 lens

In 1963 Nikon released what would now be considered an odd 43-86mm lens Read More …

200 Millimeters of Nikkor

Nikkor-Q C vs. Nikkor AI Not which is better, but which is better for me. A few months back, I  Read more….

From 35 to 70: A Couple of Weeks with an AF Nikkor 35-70mm Lens

I recently purchased an old AF Nikkor 35-70mm Zoom, just for fun. It’s not a horrible lens.

Read more… Read More …

In My Thirty-Five Millimeter Period

For the last several months, I’ve been a 35mm focal length kick. I’ve always loved the 50mm and the 28mm  Read more….

3 Vintage 50mm f1.4 Lenses to Mount to a Sony Mirrorless Camera

They tell every new photographer that a 50mm lens should be their second lens after the kit lens that came  Read more….

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