A Story About An Albinar 28mm Lens

Albinar was brand of third party lenses marketed by Best Products. I can’t find a lot of relevant information about  Read more….

This is a Weird Camera, Minolta Freedom Zoom 105i

The Freedom Zoom 105i. This is a really strange looking camera. It’s about the size of a brick, just as  Read more….

Debate Between Manual and Automatic Cameras

This is post is not about film vs. digital for learning. This is going to be about something far more  Read more….

The Minolta Maxxum 600si: I Want to Like This Camera

The 600si was released in 1995. I didn’t know much about this camera until I picked it up a couple  Read more….

Walking With The Minolta SRT101 and The Rokkor 58mm f1.4 Lens

When it comes to a beautiful vintage camera, I am a sucker. I went to a thrift store looking for  Read more….

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