Women’s March in Eugene

I walked out my door at 11am to go to the march. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know how any people would be there. My plan was not to document, but I always carry a camera. The 15 minute walk to downtown Eugene was pretty quiet, so I just assumed this event would be fairly mellow. I knew I had friends there so I hoped to meet up with them. The crowds poured on the little street in front of the Courthouse from all directions. It was amazing. I don’t think anyone was expecting such a turn out.

I was completely surrounded and somewhat overwhelmed. The idea of trying find my friends seemed too daunting of a task. I wandered a bit through the crowd and settled on a nice spot. The people all around me were in such a great mood, it was a lovely scene I found myself in. Sure, there were a lot of signs that weren’t very flattering to the incoming administration, but it was clear everybody here came from a place of a peace, love and respect.

It’s time to march

The organizers over-estimated the crowd’s patience to stand around in the rain. Everybody was a bit antsy to get to the marching part of the march. The people were nice, the traffic was patient, and the police did a great job of getting the marchers where they needed to go. When we made it downtown a resident of the Tiffany Building someone put a speaker on the ledge of their window and played some pop music for the crowd, it went over well.

Don’t call it a protest.

This march was a call for solidarity. Many people are worried and angry that the incoming administration will destroy what we have left of democracy and the planet. I’m certain the pro-DT residents of Lane county are angry about the march, but that anger will eventually lead to hate. That hate eats away at person’s soul and it’s so hard to come back from that. Events like these really just bring people together and let everyone know they’re not alone.

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