Time to Rally for Day 5 of Treefort

I’m a little tired and maybe a bit burnt out. I managed to still catch some great bands though. Navigating the streets and venues on day 5 of Boise was challenging, but I carried on.

Five days do seem like a long time for a music festival. Although this is not a camping festival, the 5th day is probably optional. I noticed that the crowds were a lot thinner. Most of the out-of-town visitors head home early on Sunday. We still had some video to shoot Sunday afternoon, so we had to stay for the last day. I had noticed that a lot of my media compatriots started to dwindle in numbers. Even the local media people seemed to disappear from the shows. I wonder if five days is just too much for the working class.

I caught some pretty good acts and I’m glad I stuck around. My Treefort night ended at the Neurolux, with a band I wasn’t into, but it could have been worse. Though there was still a huge line for the Neurolux for Chanti Darling’s DJ set, and dedicated the Treeforters stuck it out. I heard the dance party was something special and I shouldn’t have missed it.

I shot thousands of images and it will take a fair amount of time to edit. I actually look forward to it though.

The bands I shot on day 5:

  • Marco Benevento
  • VCR
  • Brett Netson
  • The Raven and the Writing Desk
  • Spirit Award
  • Ecstatic Vision
  • Creepoid

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