37 Frames and Counting

A rough day for my photography.

Today I had a limited amount of time in downtown Burlington. I only had six hours. I know this seems like a lot of time, and it is. The six hours was just during the least ideal time of day for photography. I felt very uninspired to shoot. I constantly preach the idea, that there is no bad time to shoot. I feel like such a whiner. I spent the hours 9:00 – 15:00 with only 37 frames on my SD card. So now I’m back at the computer and looking at my Lightroom imports and I almost feel heart-broken. Oddly enough though, if I were shooting on 35mm film then I would be ecstatic that I shot 36 frames.

I think I know were I went wrong; expectations on myself were too high for the situation. There are images everywhere, just waiting to be captured. I did pull together a few good images. I am always looking for my next great image. In street photography however, there really is no next great image. Everything has already been photographed and now all we have left is to photograph how we see, not what we see.

Better luck next time I suppose.

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