The Practice Space

Another day shooting with And And And, this time we’re at band practice. I’m not sure that the average show-goer realizes as how much hard work bands put in. A band practice can go on for several hours, even superheroes need a break.

The only thing better than photographing musicians in a photo-studio, is photographing them in their own practice space. The band is there to do one thing, practice. This is how I was able to get images that I really like. it’s the only way to work.

I’ve been photographing And And And for a long time now, and these guys are just comfortable around me with my cameras. They tend to keep their guard down. There are plenty of photographers that are champing at the bit to get the access that I get with And And And. I do indeed understand how lucky I am to have this kind of access.

And And And

Tom Chamberlain

Photographer, videographer, and lover of all things analog.
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