Taking a Look Back: Skateboarding With the Boys April 2005

Looking back at your old work can really help with inspiration for future work. We as photographers can get so caught up in what we are doing, that we forget why we started taking pictures in the first place. It’s not just about looking at your mistakes, it’s looking at your old successes, and remembering why. I have twenty years of images to look at, and it’s easy to get consumed by all that work

Frankly, I don’t think most of it is very good. Taking a look at a roll of film randomly chosen from a binder is often helpful.

This gallery is from April 2005 in Lafayette, Colorado.

My friend Longboard Ric was working with a group of young skateboarders (groms) and I went along for the ride. Ric loaded up the van in Boulder with his group of teenage skaters and we drove to a new skatepark for a mini skate-competition. I have gone to a lot of these competitions with the kids and have always had a great time.

Film: Fujicolor Reala
Camera: Rollei35 S


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