Photowalking and Social Distancing

What a time to be a street photographer. I’m sitting at home right now writing this post and watching YouTube videos. All anybody has to talk about is Covid-19. It’s a little depressing. Ugh.

We aren’t on lockdown in my town right now, but we’ve had three confirmed cases in my county and one confirmed case in my town (as I am writing now). The mayor has asked the governor, Kate Brown to instate a state-wide shelter in place order.

For the most part, the roads are clear, and people aren’t passing each other on the sidewalks. I live near a one-square-block sized park. It’s a nice little park. There have been people there all weekend. People have been keeping their distance, for the most part. This little town, Eugene has a somewhat large homeless population, many spend their days at this park. They’ve been congregating at the picnic tables. Junior high and high school kids also hang out this park smoking, vaping, and drinking. It’s just another weekend for some people.

While the roads and sidewalks are experiencing less traffic than normal, it was business as usual at the park at the end of the block.

Photowalking during the pandemic.

I’ve been going out over the last few days with my camera, avoiding crowds, and photographing things I thought were interesting. When I go out on photowalks, I like to avoid people and just photograph the landscape they leave behind. I guess for me, not much has changed. There is less traffic which is nice, the pandemic, not so much.

Ok kids, be careful out there. Stay safe. Social distancing is a smart move right now.

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