My Vermont Photowalks

I spent a little more than a week in Vermont. I love going there, it is a spectacular place to visit, and from the looks of things, a spectacular place to live. Now, I have never spent a winter in Vermont, but I imagine that is a pretty brutal place in the dead of winter.

I manage to get in photowalks in a few different towns; Montpelier, Stowe, Middlebury, and Burlington were on the list for trip. I know there are a lot of photographically deserving towns, but these are places I managed to get to.


This was an interesting place. This is the capitol of Vermont and still quite a small town. There really is only one main street and a river going through town. This was the only warm and sunny day I had. This is nice for visiting, but not great for pictures.


This is such an adorable town. It’s small, but really quite nice. There is a great multi-use path that travels along the river from downtown to just before the ski resort. It’s about 4 miles or so. I rode this in the morning on an out back trip. I stopped for lunch and then I hiked up to Sunset Rock which is a easy jaunt up and provides a lovely view of town.


Middlebury is one of my favorite places in Vermont. Maybe, it’s the waterfall on the Otter Creek. It could also be how quaint this little town is too. People are super nice here. This is not really a destination place in Vermont, with the exception of Middlebury College though. This town has most of the amenities of a bigger town, with out all the crowds. When I was here the Otter was flowing pretty heavily, and it made making pictures interesting.


This is definitely not a destination spot, but my dear friends Sarah and Erik live here. This is a great location for being outdoorsy. Hiking, biking, swimming, and almost every snow activity can be had here.


Burlington, Vermont’s answer the big city. I wrote about this town before my opinion still stands and it’s still pretty positive.

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