My Take on the Canon EF35 f2 IS USM

Canon EF35 f2 IS USM. I borrowed one from the shop for a long weekend. This is the replacement for the EF 35mm f2 released in 1990. The f2 IS USM was released in 2012 and is now discontinued. The original f2 was released in 1990. I’m familiar with that version, and I’ve always liked it.

This IS USM version is larger and heavier than the original version.

EF 35mm f2EF 35mm f2 IS USM
diameter2.7 in / 67.4mm3.1 in / 77.9mm
length1.7 in / 42.5mm2.5 in / 62.6mm
weight7.4 oz. / 210g11.8 oz. / 335g
filter thread52mm67mm
optics7 elements 5 groups10 elements 8 groups

You can pick up this lens from $300 – $450 used. Canon has already discontinued this lens. The only 35mm focal lens they are selling new is the 35mm f1.4L II. Needless to say, the 35mm f2 IS USM is fine, but the EF 40mm f2.8 STM is just as nice, even though it’s a stop slower.

This is a great photowalking focal length. As I was shooting with it, I was wondering if I liked it more than my Canon 40mm pancake lens. Looking at the files, I like the photos about the same. I think the 40mm may focus a little smoother and quicker though. The 40mm is also a stop slower. Both lenses have a noticeable vignetting wide open.

When mounted to a lightweight film camera like the EOS 10s, the camera becomes a bit front heavy. This is not a problem with a heavier camera like my EOS 5d MkII.

Here are some pictures I shot with it.

Final thoughts.

It’s a fine lens, but not for the price I don’t think it’s worth it. The 40mm STM is just as good for about $100. If you really prefer a fast 35mm focal length, the Sigma Art 35mm is a fantastic lens.

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