Photo-walking Middlebury Vermont.

The first time I walked through Middlebury, I was immediately taken by its charm. After a day, I felt that I photographed everything worth photographing. After a couple of photowalks through town, I quickly realized there was indeed a lot to photograph out of plain sight. I searched around with my camera in hand looking for interesting scenes. The town is really lovely, and it takes a few days to get a feel for Middlebury in pictures.

It’s a nice town with plenty of things to do. There are museums and galleries, there is shopping and eating. There is plenty of nature to explore too. There are no big buildings though, and that is just fine. The waterfall that drops below Main street can only be photographed in so many angles before you get bored with it. There are plenty of little nooks over the area though.

I think a photographer would need a couple of days to get this place captured, but it’s the feeling you have while here that I think is attractive about Middlebury. Every photographer will see this place differently. I saw this place differently each time I came down to photograph it. I am not sure when or if I’ll spend much more time here to photowalk, but I wouldn’t mind a little more time. If you ever find yourself passing through, it’s worth a few hours with your camera.

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