I Shot a Roll of Film Through a Pentax UC-1

I have a soft spot for compact non-zoom point-and-shoot cameras. I like this little camera. I took this camera out for a day and really enjoyed it. It’s easy to use and easy to pocket. The camera itself is really easy to use and intuitive.

As with all cameras, there are all kinds of trade offs. You just have to figure out what you like and what you don’t like.

The camera is lightweight and easy to pocket. The camera is very smooth and a bit slick. I would suggest to make sure that you have a wrist strap. I will slip out of your hand.

The camera seems to have a good metering system and the flash is adequate when you are indoors taking pictures with friends.

While the lens is sharp, it only stops down to f3.5. I also noticed some flare when shooting outdoors. I think it’s because the coatings aren’t so good. Like I said, the pictures seem sharp, so I am willing to overlook that.

However, these cameras seem to be going for about $100 these days. I can’t say that it’s a good value, but for such a small package, this is still a fun camera.

I had the camera for 24 hours before I had to give it back, so here is a little gallery.


  • Kurt Ingham says:

    One problem with with evaluating film gear is the quality of the processing and printing/scanning. These loo fine, but have a magenta cast (in my eyes) Thanks for posting- it is a slick little machine

    • One problem with with evaluating film gear is the quality of the processing and printing/scanning.” You are absolutely correct. I do my own scanning with a digital camera and a Rodenstock enlarging lens. I didn’t do much in the way of color processing. I found a good white point and applied that across the the whole roll. I use Darktable to do the negative conversion. I like the manual controls of this software. Thanks, Tom

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