Grid C1

The Eugene Grid Project

I’m late to the game on this photo project. Janet from Dot Dotson’s turned me on to this project. It seems like a lot of fun.

Grid C1

April 2021

I wasn’t familiar with this grid. I got out here and my first day was on the north side of Barger. There is a little park up there and a multi-use trail, but not very exciting. The next trip was the south side of Barger, down to Avalon Street. I hit up Bethel Park, which is a very nice park. However this area had far less character than the north part of the grid.

This is the third year of a 5 year project started by Blake Andrews. Which was inspired by the Portland Grid Project started by Christopher Rauschenberg.

The object: Photograph Eugene in grids. A map of Eugene is cut into squares. The grid changes every month. Photographers go out and photograph that grid on their schedule. The photographers just have to photograph the grid in the month it’s assigned. Each month a new grid is picked at random.


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