Three Days Photowalking with three 28mm Lenses

I was at my local camera shop a few days ago and I noticed a new lens on the shelf.  Read more….

3 Rolls of Fomapan and 8 Hours in Portland

I enjoy photowalking the big city of Portland, Ore. Read More …

Social Distance Photowalk with a Pentax 200mm f4

We’re in the days of social distancing, I’m not doing headshots, but I want to shoot my vintage 200mm lens.  Read more….

Photowalking and Social Distancing

What a time to be a street photographer. I’m sitting at home right now writing this post and watching YouTube  Read more….

My Vermont Photowalks

Vermont Photowalk — Middlebury

I spent a little more than a week in Vermont. I love going there, it is a spectacular place to  Read more….

Another Vintage 135mm Lens

An afternoon with a Sears Auto 135mm M42 I have a funny obsession with the 135mm lens. I have nine  Read more….

My Time in Burlington

I don’t want to sound like I am taking a jab at this Burlington, but it has a lot in  Read more….


Photo-walking Middlebury Vermont. The first time I walked through Middlebury, I was immediately taken by its charm. After a day,  Read more….

37 Frames and Counting

A rough day for my photography. Today I had a limited amount of time in downtown Burlington. I only had  Read more….

The Sketchy Park Under the Freeway

Washington Jefferson Park in Eugene in is a neighborhood classified by the locals as fairly undesirable. This area of town  Read more….

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